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Di Farmer Visits Wee Make Music

Was a treat to have Di Farmer call in to our Bulimba classroom. She is very supportive of small business in the local area and she was very encouraging and enthusiastic about sharing what we have to offer. I think we even taught her a little about beat and pitch...

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Your Child Is Watching

As parents and carers we learn very quickly that you can’t hide anything from a toddler’s attention. They don’t miss a thing! It proves that they are constantly switched on…ready to go…they are always listening.

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How Early Childhood Music Classes Prepare Your Child For School

Sound early childhood music programs are holistic learning experiences. They offer foundational level musical elements (to prepare the child for future musical pursuits) but in presenting these in an effective learning environment, provide for the general development of the baby, toddler or young child.

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Getting Ready for Prep

The first five years of a child’s life are critical to their development. They learn more proportionately in this time than any other time in their life. This is the foundation period that shapes the child’s future heath, happiness, growth, development, learning achievement including structured learning (school), learning for family and community life and future life in general.

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Music for Prep

As far as activities or bubs and young children we are spoilt for choice in Brisbane. There is such a fabulous variety on offer across all parts of the city. It comes down to making choices – but how?

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The BIG Step to Prep

While many of us are counting down to the last drop off of the year, those with children starting school next year are experiencing varied emotions. It is both an exciting and daunting time for parents and children, and well worth reflecting on how to best prepare.

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