Engage musically with your baby

Wee Make Music classes show you how to nurture your baby’s natural musicality. How to awaken a lifetime love of music.

With a steady beat as the foundation, your baby will learn through hearing, touch and sight. Music helps stimulate physical and verbal responses, aids the development of listening and will make your baby curious for more music and melodies.


Massage Rhymes


Beat Activities

Floor games


Call & response songs

And many more…

Stimulate learning through music

Keep the learning going at home

Sharing of classroom activities is encouraged at home. We’ll give you oodles of free take home information on infant musical development. And there’ll be lots of fun activities to help you continue to nurture your baby’s musical development when you can’t come to classes.

Accelerate your baby's cognitive development across all areas

Musical education for babies positively affects cognitive functioning, language acquisition, reading skills, mathematical learning and even increases SAT & other exam scores.

Music is known to help toddlers learn how to keep a beat, recognise patterns and put sounds together. Our classes enhance memory, encourage higher order processing and develop numeracy and reading skills.

Toddlers are social beings and music helps them to develop friendships and connections. They also learn classroom etiquette, sharing and how to be part of a team.

Making music with a variety of musical instruments means toddlers use fine motor skills to reproduce a beat. This is done in a variety of ways such as manipulation, bouncing, tapping and marching in time to a beat.

Sharing music with you and those around them enhances your toddler’s wellbeing and releases endorphins. Creating a safe space where your child is happy to be encouraged to enthusiastically participate and want to keep learning.

Accelerate cognitive development across all areas


Here's what other parents and caregivers say about us…

Chan family

As a parent of three, Wee Make Music is on our “must-have” list for our kids’ activities. We have gone through the Family Music for babies class to Advanced Music Makers class. We found that the lessons are well structured and interactive. Our kids can explore different sounds, beats and rhythms and interact with teachers […]

Angela Steggell

I started each of my three children with Wee Make Music at six months of age.  Seven years later I am still attending weekly classes.  Wee Make Music teaches children to focus and follow instructions all within a fun, music filled environment.  2. Each age level is carefully planned to be age appropriate and every […]

Tuition Fees

10 Week Term

$ 225.50


Instrument Kit

$ 28.00

All students receive a complimentary visit class prior to registering.

Happy children, parents & caregivers.


per year

We’ve been doing this for more than 18 years. Our qualified teachers, one-of-a-kind curriculum and most significantly, our happy kids speak to the success of our music classes. You can trust you’re doing the best for your child bringing them to Wee Make Music classes.

Parents holding babies in music classes

Keep Learning At Home

Our professional, engaging curriculum is only the beginning…

Wee Make Music isn’t just for entertainment. As much as we adore them, we’re not The Wiggles.

Toddlers flourish in sensory-rich environments and never more so than when exposed to music every day. Our classes will build on your child’s natural musical abilities with support and encouragement every step of the way. Your toddler will feel both instant and long term positive results through song, rhythm and beat.

As your toddler grows, we’ll increase the complexity of their classes, improving their musical, cognitive, social and emotional selves.

Through beat, circle dances, musical stories, movement, melody and language, your toddler will learn to sing, explore, share, create and play musical instruments.

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