Grow, play and learn with ridiculously fun online music-making programs for children aged 3 months to 14 months

Angela and Roxie

“We have been so impressed with the quality of these lessons… the wide variety of activities and parent information with such professional presentation. We are loving it ”

-Angela and Roxie

Wee Voices @ Home

There is nothing more joyful or satisfying...

… than seeing your child’s face light up when you play ‘this little piggy’ on their toes or ‘round and round the garden’ with their sweet little hands. But what’s happening behind the big smile and infectious giggle is about so much more than being tickled. What happens in your child’s brain when they hear you sing and engage with music is magical.

Music is super food for your child's brain

Actively engaging in music-making has been shown to help children in all kinds of ways, including:

Enhancing language development
Improving memory, self-control and attention span
Increasing self confidence and self-esteem
Improving memory, self-control and attention span
Boosting mood and nurturing bonds
But more than that...


Sherry & Millie

“For a few moments we could just forget what is happening outside and enjoy the sanctuary that is songs and games and dances. ”

-Sherry & Millie

We know that you care deeply about giving your child the very best

We also know that giving them the best can come with a whole lot of pressure, stress, confusion and overwhelm. When you’re in the thick of sleepless nights, endless piles of laundry, tantrums over toast that’s been cut the wrong way and battles about getting dressed or trying new foods— music-making can help you shift the mood and reconnect. While also supporting all the amazing brain development, growth and learning your child is experiencing.



Is an easy, engaging, interactive music-making program for you and your little ones to enjoy at home

Inside, you’ll get:
6 x 25-minute music-making videos filled with rich, value-packed musical activities to watch over and over again.

Each activity has been carefully designed to help your children:

  • actively engage with music
  • build their confidence as they practice new skills
  • grow into the next stage of their learning and development
  • awaken a lifelong love of music and learning
  • and, most importantly, have bucket loads of fun!




You will also get access to these incredible bonuses


Our guide to DIY props and instruments for home-based music-making


20 simple and joyous musical activities to supercharge learning and development: a PDF guide to use at home


Caring for you: Our essential self-care guide for parents and caregivers

Created for children aged 3 months to 14 months

The only sense that’s fully developed at birth is hearing. By harnessing this sense, music can help us engage with babies and very young children in a meaningful way. And can play a unique role in fulfilling the innate potential they possess.

In this program we explore:

  • Song and vocalising
  • Keeping a steady beat
  • Contrast and patterning
  • Variety of styles of music and their applications
  • Exploration
  • Repetition
  • Observation

Your child will hear, feel, absorb, move and vocalise through activities including:

  • Instruments
  • Tickly rhymes
  • Massage rhymes
  • Floor games
  • Chair games
  • Songs
  • Bouncing
  • Free movement
  • Simple circle dancing
  • Puppetry
  • And more

You’ll be guided by our talented teachers to connect and engage with your baby to enhance the joyous time shared in music making. Bonding with your bub is the ultimate outcome!

Get Wee Make Music at Home
Chan Family

“She was participating and singing more than she does in the physical classes. ”

-Chan Family

Wee Make Music at Home isn’t like the free stuff you’ll find on youtube

Sure, you get all the benefits of being able to tune in from your own home.

Like being able to engage in a lesson at any time and as much as you like. No dragging the pram in and out of the car. No worrying about nappy changes out and about or meltdowns leaving the house. No pesky global pandemic cancelling plans. You don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas if you don’t want to.

It’s also a great option for babies and children who get overstimulated and overwhelmed in group situations or who are working on building their confidence.

But, unlike most free content you’ll find online, this program is packed with easy, hands-on activities you’ll actually be happy to have on repeat.

Not just because they’re enjoyable to listen to, interact with, and a whole lot of fun, but because our comprehensive, age-appropriate curriculum is specifically designed to support development, achieve educational outcomes and meet the developmental needs of children as they grow.

“We’re watching it for the fifth time this week! ”

-Greg and Josie

Our programs are delivered by some of the most experienced and engaging educators and entertainers in the business.

The Wee Make Music at Home program is presented by

Miss Lou

Miss Lou has been teaching, learning and developing the Wee Make Music program for over 15 years. She has a Postgraduate Diploma of Education, more than 30 years of experience teaching early childhood and secondary and four kids of her own. So she knows how to grab, and hold, a child’s attention. She has a passion for the role of music in developing young children not only into lovers of music but effective learners for life that sparkles off the screen.

Miss Karin
Miss Karin

Miss Karin has been sharing the Wee Make Music program with families for more than 9 years. She has a professional background as a Psychologist and an extensive knowledge of, and experience playing, violin! With a great respect for the joy and benefit music can contribute to human development and her caring warmth, Miss Karin draws in children, parents and people of all ages.

Miss Colleen
Miss Colleen

Miss Colleen began her love of music teaching over twenty years ago, teaching flute after completing Grade 8 in classical flute (Trinity). Miss Colleen experienced the Wee Make Music program as a Mum firsthand, and she understands the benefits in fostering a love of music while promoting general learning skill development. Sharing the Wee Make Music values of respect for family connection and advocating for all families to have access to arts and literacy her energy on screen is vibrant and calming.

Miss Irena
Miss Irena

A guitarist and versatile vocalist, Miss Irena is an accomplished Soprano, a Graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and spends her professional time between varied singing roles in Opera Queensland performances, The Little Red Company, gigging at Brisbane nightspots, and teaching with Wee Make Music! The joy that music has contributed to her life shines through every class she teaches.


Which class is best for my child?

Our classes are developmentally age specific. In most cases, we recommend matching your child’s age (in months) to the class age bracket. If you’re unsure, select the younger class or email info@weemakemusic.com.au and we’ll help you decide.

Do I need any special equipment or instruments at home?

We recommend having something you can shake (like maracas or a jar with rice), something you can beat (like a drum or a pot and wooden spoon), and a scarf. You can purchase instruments (email for more information) but there is no need. We will guide you to get creative and use things from around the home.

Do I need to participate?

We strongly recommend you (or another parent or carer) is actively engaged and supporting your child with this program. You’ll get the most benefit if you don’t treat Wee Make Music at Home as a set and forget activity. Afterall, this is about education, not just entertainment. And family involvement significantly enhances the joy and bonding experience for your kids.

What does a typical lesson include?

Each lesson contains a sequence of activities including greeting songs, beat and rhythm practice, vocal and language development, fine and gross motor development, expression and creative play, development of social and personal confidence to name a few. Within a simple, fun and playful framework we use instruments pitched and unpitched, singing, mime, tickle rhymes, beat activities, movement free and simply choreographed, puppets, props, chair games and more!

Why an age-based curriculum?

Children naturally engage with music, even when they don’t do formal music-making activities (like the Wee Make Music Program). When kids are presented with activities that are specifically designed for their cognitive and emotional age they are more likely to be engaged and challenged because the activities are achievable and relatable. We can enhance musicality and a variety of developmental benefits including fine motor, attention, confidence and well being, while still offering challenges for growth.

How often should we do these lessons?

The more the better! Daily music-making sessions are highly recommended for education, development AND fun.

Why video lessons?

Because this way, you can watch at home, at any time, as much as you like! No dragging the pram in and out of the car, no worrying about nappy changes out and about or tantrums to leave the house, no pesky global pandemic cancelling plans. You don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas if you don’t want to. And it’s a great option for children who get overstimulated in group environments. We can’t fully replace the social aspect of face-to-face classes, but rest assured we’ve adapted everything else so you and your child can still get all the regular activities and learning benefits.

How does the curriculum of each class level differ?

Each class curriculum has been specifically developed to include musical activities that address all areas of the child’s development at their age and stage: physical, emotional and social. From babies to preppies, the content builds from foundation level onwards.

How does music-making differ from just listening to, or watching, music?

The key difference is a focus on skill development so that children are encouraged to practice and reproduce the music themselves. Making music actively engages the whole brain and stimulates growth across all areas of child development.
Alessandra and Enzo

“My son Enzo and I watched the first lesson yesterday and he was really engaged. He wanted to watch it again straight after it finished, which we did. He is a very active kid and loves being outside riding his bike but yesterday he opted to stay inside to keep watching the lesson. ”

-Alessandra and Enzo

YOU are your child’s favourite musician

Even if you’re not a muso
Even if you struggle to match pitch
Even if you can’t keep a beat

If your child had money to spend, your show would sell out stadiums.

Wee Make Music at Home gives you and your family a stage to play on together. A series of songs and activities to help you expand your experience and repertoire. A way to connect, have fun, learn and grow together.

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