Online Music Classes

If you love the freedom of no scheduled commitments but want all the developmental benefits of our age appropriate music programs for your children, our online video lessons are the answer.

Available wherever you have access to the internet, whenever it suits your family and as often as you wish during the paid term. Pause, play and repeat.

Ainsley did her first class yesterday and just loved it! You have all done such an amazing job putting this together. We relocated to Adelaide in January but couldn’t find any music class of this quality so we’re grateful that Ainsley can participate from a distance.


We have been so impressed with the quality of these lessons…the wide variety of activities and parent information with such professional presentation. We are loving it.


My son Enzo and I watched the first lesson yesterday and he was really engaged. He wanted to watch it again straight after it finished which we did. He is a very active kid and loves being outside riding his bike but yesterday he opted to stay inside to keep watching the lesson.


The movement songs interspersed throughout were very successful for Maddie and Julian and helped them to focus on the instrumental sections.


What a beautifully presented lesson! For a few moments we could just forget what is happening outside and enjoy the sanctuary that is songs and games and dances. It is incredible what you and your team of teachers and support staff managed to put together for the children, the efforts really shine through the meticulously prepared lesson.


All three are engaged from start to finish.


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