Important Dates

2022 Term 3:
11/7/22 – 17/9/22
2022 Term 4:
4/10/22 – 9/12/22
Concert Day 2022
Only includes AMM, RM and VE classes

Why Enrol

Why enrol your wee music maker with Wee Make Music

Enhanced Stimulation

Music stimulates a child’s brain in many ways. Beat, rhythm and melody enhance language development, improves memory and increases self confidence and self-esteem.

Happiness flows from mood enhancing hormones released while participating in music making and helps the child learn to self-regulate emotions.

Faster Development

Studies show the brains of children with musical training develop faster.

The learning process we incorporate targets foundation musical concepts, motor and cognitive development but also helps to improve listening, communication skills, concentration and teamwork.

School Ready

The Orff approach to music has been incorporated into the Australian school curriculum since the mid 1960’s. Remember the class glockenspiel from primary school? Your wee music maker will be school ready having gained the vital skills in our music classes that they will need in Prep. This includes listening, following instructions, self-regulating their behaviour and understanding classroom etiquette.


Wee Make Music offer Brisbane based music classes for babies and young children

“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” George Santayana

Every child is born with an innate and profound musicality. The Wee Make Music program nurtures this gift, enhancing both the child’s musical ability and developing personal life skills. Music is a highly effective learning tool, empowering and benefitting your child across all developmental areas.

About us
Teacher with hand puppet in toddlers music class
Toddlers with fireman hats on and parents holding in music class

We offer classes in three Brisbane locations


New Farm

Red Hill

Young boy and girl playing xylophones in music class
Toddler dancing with teacher and parents in kids music class


Music classes designed for 3 month old babies to 6 year olds

From 3-month-old babies to 6-year-old children, we’ve designed a music class just for their age group. Not sure what class or location will best suit you and your child? Check the timetables for each of our three Brisbane music studios.

What makes us different?

Wee Make Music offers a holistic approach to children's education

Designed by experts

Designed by experts

Our curriculum is designed, presented and supported by experienced, qualified teachers.

We love what we do

We love what we do

Our teachers love what they do. They understand age-based child development and will encourage a love of music, beat, rhythm and melody for each child. There’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach.

We're all in this together

We're all in this together

Our families love participating and growing with us, in class and at home. Special memories can be created with your children to bring you closer together.

Collage of kids in music classes with teachers


Here's what other parents and caregivers say about us…

Greg Mackay

Wee make music provides a great start to learning music for children. Also a great break in the week where I can bond with my children. We learn and play with music together. All three of my children have enjoyed attending the classes including myself as the parent. The classes are well structured and the […]

Sarah Harwood

All the music activities are engaging, creative and achievable which fosters and promotes internal accomplishment. We are so thankful to Miss Lou and Wee Make Music Classes”.


Ready to enhance your child's natural musicality?

Message us and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

We’ll have a chat with you to fully understand your child, and together choose the class best suited to your wee music maker.

Teacher playing drum with kid in music class
Two kids playing xylophones in kids music class

Our professional, engaging curriculum is only the beginning…

Wee Make Music isn’t just singing, dancing and moving. As much as we love them, we’re not The Wiggles.

Babies thrive in a sensory-rich atmosphere. Especially when exposed to music every day. We offer classes where your child’s instinctive musical abilities will be fostered and nurtured. Your child will experience both instant and long term positive outcomes through song, voice, beat, rhythm and melodies.

We’ll help awaken a lifetime love of music.

As your child grows, we’ll add degrees of complexity, improving their musical, cognitive, social and emotional selves.

Through beat, rhythm, voice, language and melody, your child will learn to sing, play musical instruments, create, share and explore.

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