Every child is born with an innate and profound musicality.

Join us to awaken your child’s lifetime love of music.

Children and parents learn through playful experience, fun and friendship.

“My 3 children have been attending Wee Make Music since they were babies all the way through to the Music Maker classes. I have a fundamental belief in music being exceptional for a child’s brain development. Music was recommended to us by our paediatrician and all my children have loved attending the well-structured classes.”
– Tanya

Music Classes For Babies, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

Every child is born with an instinctive musicality. The Wee Make Music program nurtures this gift and enhances both the child’s musical ability and personal skills for life. There is no more effective tool than music to empower learning in a child and benefit all areas of development.

We offer classes in three Brisbane locations: Bulimba, New Farm and Red Hill. We now also offer online video classes.

Our curriculum is unique and exceptional because:

it is expertly designed, presented and supported by qualified, experienced teachers;
our teachers love what they do and are passionate about your child’s development;
our families love participating and growing with us and creating special memories together.

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Children are constantly absorbing and observing all that surrounds them. Our program is a carefully designed curriculum of age-appropriate, experiential based activities which engage, enhance and empower learning. Each class group is specifically targeting the developmental age of the child building upon existing skills and fostering new ones. Our program acknowledges and celebrates each child’s growth journey celebrating strengths and challenging weaknesses.
“Education is not simply about imparting knowledge. Education has to support human development as a continuous process through different phases of life.”  (Heyge and Sillick: 1999)
Beginning at the beginning…babies thrive from the sensory based live music environment. Then we add levels of complexity as the child grows building their musical, cognitive, social and emotional selves. Quite simply, we take beat, rhythm, movement, melody and language and learn to sing, play instruments, explore, share and create. Wee Make Music is not a session to entertain but a class in which the child can be encouraged and enriched with outcomes both immediate and diverse transcending early childhood for lifetime musical empowerment.
At Wee Make Music we are passionate about learning outcomes for all our children. Success is measured in the musical, cognitive and social enrichment that the whole family enjoys. Key to this is a strong team approach: teachers, parents/carers, and children sharing together in a cohesive and supportive environment. By participating themselves, parents extend their own musicality and take it through to family life in the home. We also offer resources to help you continue the music experience at home. Sharing the Wee Make Music program is a joyful, bonding experience.

Music Class Locations

Bulimba Studio
Bulimba Community Centre
Stuart St at Barramul St

New Farm Studio
Merthyr Rd Uniting Church Warner Hall
52 Merthyr Rd

Red Hill Studio
110 Windsor Rd

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