Beneficial Outcomes

Grow their musical confidence

Wee Make Music classes nurture your child's natural musicality and can awaken a lifetime love of music.

With steady beat as the foundation, your 5 or 6 year old will uncover more about music as we build upon existing skills with more complex use of pitched instruments such as glockenspiels and xylophones. Our transitional program aims to prepare your child for instrumental learning, extending existing knowledge and presenting new fundamental musical concepts, notation and musical language.


Drum circles

Pictorial Notation

Musical Vocabulary

Mixed unpitched percussion

Basic introduction to composing melody

And many more…

Facilitate education through music

Keep the learning going at home

We support and encourage the sharing of classroom activities at home. We’ll give you oodles of free take home material on child musical development. And there’ll be stacks of fun activities to help you to carry on nurturing your child’s burgeoning musical development between classes.

Facilitate cognitive enhancement across all areas

Preschool age kids love to sing and dance. By the time they’re ready for school, you and your neighbours may have already been treated to an all singing, all dancing concert put on by kids in your street. Music classes for 5 year olds will help your child grow in other ways.

With the introduction of even more instruments your child will continue to use organisational thinking and higher level processing to compose and play melody across multiple octaves. This adds a level of complexity to be able to create musical compositions to improve their cognitive skills.

As your child prepares for school or is in their first year of Prep being able to share and be part of a team is a skill that they’ll develop from their music classes. As this is a drop off class your child gains confidence in organising themselves and following instructions.

The use of mixed unpitched percussion and drums, along with the creation of musical compositions will require your child to use fine motor skills as they continue to develop greater control and coordination.

We encourage solo singing, which is great for your child’s self esteem and confidence through experiencing personal success. By working as a team and sharing music with those around them this enhances your child’s wellbeing and releases endorphins. Creating a safe space where your child feels good and learns how to self regulate their mood.

Tuition Fees

10 Week Term

$ 253.00

All students receive a complimentary visit class prior to registering.

Happy children, parents & caregivers.


per year

We’ve been doing this for more than 18 years. Our qualified teachers, one-of-a-kind curriculum and most significantly, our happy kids speak to the success of our music classes. You can trust you’re doing the best for your child bringing them to Wee Make Music classes.

Keep Learning At Home

Our professional, exclusive curriculum is only the beginning …

Wee Make Music isn’t only an entertainment session. As much as we love them, we’re not The Wiggles.

Preschool and Prep age children thrive in sensory-rich environments and never more so than when given access to music every day. Our classes will enhance your child’s natural musical abilities with encouragement and reassurance. Your child will feel both instant and long term positive results through song, music and movement.

We’ll help awaken a lifetime love of music

As your child becomes more competent and able, we’ll add levels of complexity, cultivating their musical, cognitive, social and emotional selves.

Through rhythm, beat, language, movement and melody, your 5-year-old child will learn to sing, play mixed unpitched percussion instruments, explore, share and create.

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