Connect musically with your child

Wee Make Music classes will help encourage your child’s pure musicality. We’ll help awaken a lifetime love of music.

With a steady beat as the foundation, your 3 year old will learn more about music as we introduce the first pitched Orff instrument. Your child will discover how to manipulate up to three unpitched instruments. As well as introducing solo singing to enhance vocal confidence. Through musical stories we encourage the development of language skills, assist with listening skills and will make your child curious for more music and movement.


Solo Singing

Circle Dances

Beat Practice

Imaginary play


Playing percussion instruments

And many more…

Inspire learning through music

Keep the learning going at home

We encourage you to keep sharing classroom activities in the home. We’ll give you stacks of free take home information on child musical development. And there’ll be oodles of fun activities to help you maintain your child’s musical development between classes.

Assist cognitive development across all areas

Children love to move and sing and by 3 years of age, may know the words to a few songs. And insist on hearing them again and again. Our music classes for 3 year olds may help your child (and you) by introducing lots of new songs and aiding their development in other ways.

Because by this age we have introduced multiple instruments in one song, your child’s higher order processing and numerical organisation will see improvements. By using organisational thinking, they are developing fine motor skills and can recognise patterns and rhythms.

By three years old your child is developing friendships and connections. They also may be around more and more children, so learning about classroom etiquette is something parents really appreciate here. As sharing and knowing how to be part of a team is a vital skill.

The introduction of the first pitched instrument, glockenspiels, means your child will be refining their fine and gross (physical) motor skills. This is a great instrument as it aids in the development of good hand eye coordination.

Sharing music with those around them enhances your child’s wellbeing and releases endorphins. Creating a safe space where your child feels good and learns how to self regulate their mood. While further developing self-confidence and self-esteem.


Here's what other parents and caregivers say about us…

Sarah Harwood

All the music activities are engaging, creative and achievable which fosters and promotes internal accomplishment. We are so thankful to Miss Lou and Wee Make Music Classes”.

Sherry Wu 1

The environment cultivated by Miss Lou’s classes for both children and parents are immensely supportive and positive – I know without a doubt, that choosing to trial the class and hanging on through those first 3-4 weeks of transitioning was one of the best things I’ve done for both Millie and myself. We love Miss […]

Sherry Wu

Tuition Fees

10 Week Term

$ 199.10


Core Music CD (over 2 year program)

$ 25.00

All students receive a complimentary visit class prior to registering.

Happy children, parents & caregivers.


per year

We’ve been doing this for more than 18 years. Our qualified teachers, one-of-a-kind curriculum and most significantly, our happy kids speak to the success of our music classes. You can trust you’re doing the best for your child bringing them to Wee Make Music classes.

Keep Learning At Home

Our professional, exclusive curriculum is only the beginning …

Wee Make Music isn’t just for entertainment. As much as we adore them, we’re not The Wiggles.

Young children flourish in sensory rich environments and never more so than when exposed to music every day. Our classes will build on your child’s natural musical abilities with support and reassurance. Your child will feel both instant and long term positive results through song, music, rhythm and beat.

We’ll help awaken a lifetime love of music

As your child grows, we’ll include extra levels of complexity, growing their musical, cognitive, social and emotional selves.

Through beat, rhythm, language, movement and melody, your child will learn to sing, play musical instruments, create, explore and share.

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