Our Children’s Music Lesson Curriculum

Our curriculum has been written exclusively for Wee Make Music classes. In line with our holistic approach to education, it is a comprehensive age-appropriate and sensory based curriculum aimed at addressing the developmental needs of children as they grow.

Materials have been carefully selected from a variety of resources, the majority from 2 international leaders in early childhood education:

1. Musikgarten, created by Dr Lorna Heyge with 30 years experience in developing early childhood curricula and Dr Audrey Sillick with 40 years experience in training early childhood educators. Musikgarten materials are of highest quality pedagogically and we are the only school in Australia to offer these outstanding materials to our families. We are proud to have been accepted to hold a license with Musikgarten.

2. Music Rhapsody, founded by Lynn Kleiner with over 30 years experience in California. Music Rhapsody’s teaching resources are also of the highest quality and internationally respected.

These teaching materials have been used in the writing of the Wee Make Music Program.

Basic Elements of the Curriculum

Beat, rhythm, language and movement are the basic elements we use to make music come alive. As a child progresses through the program and new material and challenges are presented, favourite activities are also revisited and extended, building upon what the child has already learned and enjoyed. This appeals to all involved and fosters a sense of security, achievement and satisfaction.

Kids Music Class CurriculumTeaching & Learning Elements:

  • Pitched and Unpitched Instruments
  • Singing
  • Storytelling/listening
  • Movement
  • Creative mime
  • Finger play/body awareness
  • Massage/ tickle rhymes
  • Improvisation
  • Chair games
  • Puppetry/Call and Response
  • Musical interpretation
  • Poetry
  • Ensemble work

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