Wee Make Music philosophy

The Orff Approach

Our business foundation is based on the philosophies of Carl Orff. The German composer created an approach to musical education that focuses on nurturing the natural musicality within each child through music and movement.

Known worldwide as The Orff approach, the ANCOS (Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk Inc) website states his philosophies as:

The Orff teaching process involves singing; body percussion; playing on a variety of both pitched and unpitched instruments; movement and dancing; and speech activities to encourage active music-making.

Orff instructs teachers to present musical elements as natural and joyous to children. Teachers let the child learn at their own pace and in their own time, which allows them to experience joy and a sense of personal accomplishment. Activities involve singing, rhyming, playing instruments to create a beat, and moving to a rhythm.

Orff instruments are pitched percussion instruments, with energetic and vibrant sounds. They engage the child, encouraging the reproduction of beat, rhythm and support singing. The primary aim of the Orff approach is to have the child participate.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X


Carefully selected, specifically targeted

Materials have been carefully selected from a variety of resources, the majority from 2 international leaders in early childhood education.

These teaching materials have been used in the writing of the Wee Make Music Program.


Musikgarten, created by Dr Lorna Heyge

Musikgarten, created by Dr Lorna Heyge with 30 years experience in developing early childhood curricula and Dr Audrey Sillick with 40 years experience in training early childhood educators.

Musikgarten materials are of highest quality pedagogically and we are the only school in Australia to offer these outstanding materials to our families. We are proud to have been accepted to hold a license with Musikgarten.


Music Rhapsody, founded by Lynn Kleiner

Lynn Kleiner, founder and director of Music Rhapsody is an internationally recognised leader in music education and has been teaching since 1978. She has won many awards for her educational resources including songs, videos and instruments to support the best possible learning in children. Lynn’s passion for sharing the benefits of learning music continues to inspire our program development.

Teacher playing drum with kid in music class


Our expert backed, engaging curriculum

Beginning at the beginning…babies thrive from the sensory based live music environment. Then we add levels of complexity as the child grows building their musical, cognitive, social and emotional selves. Quite simply, we take beat, rhythm, movement, melody and language and learn to sing, play instruments, explore, share and create.

Wee Make Music is not a session to entertain but a class in which the child can be encouraged and enriched with outcomes both immediate and diverse transcending early childhood for lifetime musical empowerment.

Teaching & Learning Elements

What do we incorporate into our teaching?

Pitched and Unpitched Instruments




Creative mime

Finger play/body awareness

Massage/ tickle rhymes


Chair games

Musical interpretation

Call and Response


Ensemble work


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