COVID Safe Plan

In line with Queensland governmental recommendations the following is a list of Covid safe rules and precautions administered at Wee Make Music classes from 13th July 2020:

  • Any person showing symptoms of ill health is not permitted to enter and will be asked to leave the premises.
  • For contact tracing purposes records of following details will be kept for minimum 56 days. Name, Address, Time/date of patronage, mobile phone number.
  • Physical distancing rules apply, wherever possible people should remain 1.5 metres away from people they don’t live with. No more people permitted into a space than the 2 metre rule allows.
  • Participants are asked to bring own instruments wherever possible. In the case that instruments are supplied they will be shared at a single use per child per day.
  • Signage instructing patrons of hygiene expectations and covid policy will be clearly displayed at entry and available within teaching space.
  • Frequent (per class) cleaning and disinfecting will be maintained for hard surfaces and classroom fixtures.
  • No one is permitted within teaching spaces unless accompanied by a teacher.
  • No walk ins – only booked participants.
  • No contact between patrons unless shared family members.
  • Only one parent/carer per child allowed. No additional family members unless previously accounted for and arranged with staff.
  • Minimal use of communal facilities.
  • Frequent handwashing including hand sanitising prior to start of class is mandatory.
  • Neither staff nor patrons can be barefoot – socks must be worn at all times in teaching spaces.
  • Participants are permitted to wear masks or gloves at their discretion.
  • No food is permitted in teaching spaces. Water bottles are allowed but not to be shared unless family members. Any unclaimed water bottles will be disposed of.
  • Where possible, follow entry and exit procedures to maintain social distancing through doorways.
  • Please bring only minimal possessions into the classroom space. Cuddle friends must be kept apart from other cuddle friends, preferably kept in a bag or handbag until required in the lesson.
  • Sharing of cuddle friends is not permitted nor will classroom puppets be shared with children.
  • No movement activities will be conducted where physical contact is required unless between family members.
  • It is the advice of Wee Make Music staff that it is the responsibility of parents/carers to restrict contact between children under their care and others during patronage unless between family members.

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