The value of music lessons from an early age

Focused time with your child

Getting your child ready for prep

Throughout our 3 years at Wee Make Music I have witnessed my shy little caterpillar blossom into a confident musical butterfly. This was possible through the nurturing guidance of Miss Lou and her amazing team.
Tina Iseppi

As a parent, I love an hour each week to spend with my son Henry in a happy, creative place with no other priorities or distractions.  Just looking around the room each week is a pleasure, watching all the mums, dads and grammas enjoying the time with their kids! Henry loves Wee Make Music. He is always asking to listen to the CDs and looks forward to class greatly.  And of course Miss Lou is a huge favourite.  The class structure encourages Henry to listen and comply with instructions, and to co-operate with a group.  His confidence in speaking in front of  a group is improving also.
Inger Thompson

One of the most noticeable features of each class is that it has been planned ahead and targeted at my child’s age group. The classes themselves are small and each child feels important and noticed. I love that my children don’t get overlooked when they speak; they get heard and responded to in a positive way. Another benefit to me as a parent is that our teacher – Miss Michelle – been the same teacher throughout.  My children know each week that Miss Michelle will be there and this provides them with stability in a sometimes “unstable world”. Personally, I love the interaction with my children at these classes; we are bonding and learning together through music.  We take home what we learn and we play and sing.  I know it will provide my children with happy memories. I couldn’t have chosen a better environment for my children.  I can see they are growing into confident little people and are able to express themselves using music as their platform.  What more could I hope for?
Karen Giuffrida

My daughter started Wee Make Music when she was five months old and she has been engaged from the very first lesson. She loves playing with the instruments, clapping her hands to the music and interacting with the other babies. And getting tickles from the puppets is an added bonus!
Samina Price

I have been coming to Wee Make Music with my three boys for four years now, and we love every minute of our classes with Miss Lou. The boys have so much fun, and delight in the instruments and interactive singing and dance. It is also a wonderful bonding experience for the parent and child, and we have enjoyed many lovely moments over the years. My boys have each fallen in love with Miss Lou, and it is a sad day when they finish up their classes to head off to school. Thank you Miss Lou for fostering such a wonderful environment of fun and musical magic for our children.
Emma De Jonge