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All testimonials are real quotes from real Wee Make Music parents. Verified & used with express permission.

Chan family

As a parent of three, Wee Make Music is on our “must-have” list for our kids’ activities.

We have gone through the Family Music for babies class to Advanced Music Makers class.

We found that the lessons are well structured and interactive. Our kids can explore different sounds, beats and rhythms and interact with teachers and other kids through musical instruments, songs and teaching resources like puppets.

The classes help our kids to lay a good music foundation and develop various skills such as communication and fine motor skills. The teachers are talented at music and they always teach with passion.

This is truly the second to none early learning music programme in Brisbane.

Daniela Bernard

Obviously Wee Make Music is fantastic for the development of basic musical skills, which form a great foundation for children to build on later on. But the variety of activities has also helped my boys to improve their fine and gross motor skills as well as social and language skill. And all while having fun. The teachers are amazing and the curriculum is so well thought through, taking into account the development level of each age group. 3. Over time the activities become continuously more challenging ensuring that classes are never boring. And while some songs may repeat over time, no two classes have been the same. It’s just the perfect balance of new and old, to ensure my little ones stay excited and engaged. And even though my boys are attending different class levels, they often sing the songs together or bring out their instruments to create their own music. It is such a great and fun way for the family to bond.

Daniela Bernard

I cannot recommend Wee Make Music enough. My older boy (5yo) has been attending classes since he was about 2 years old. He has always been very shy and it did take him a few classes until he got into it. But now his confidence has grown so much that, to my surprise, he absolutely loved performing with his classmates at the annual concert on stage. My youngest (2.5yo) has been part of the music classes pretty much since he was born. He initially watched his brother’s classes and once he was old enough very keenly attended his own. And both of them are still excited and look forward to their classes each week.

Angela Steggell

I started each of my three children with Wee Make Music at six months of age.  Seven years later I am still attending weekly classes.  Wee Make Music teaches children to focus and follow instructions all within a fun, music filled environment.  2. Each age level is carefully planned to be age appropriate and every one of the teachers is welcoming and loved by the children.  Wee Make Music has provided the perfect entry to music for our family and I highly recommend them to anyone.

Pip Herbert

“Music class has been so valuable to my sons development and also my relationship to his learning – through the teachers observations, I have been supported in how best to support him. Wee Make Music class is the highlight in our week!”

Sherry Wu 1

The environment cultivated by Miss Lou’s classes for both children and parents are immensely supportive and positive – I know without a doubt, that choosing to trial the class and hanging on through those first 3-4 weeks of transitioning was one of the best things I’ve done for both Millie and myself. We love Miss Lou & her wonderful team of educators and support staff, they have created something truly nurturing and special.

Sherry Wu


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