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Daniela Bernard

I cannot recommend Wee Make Music enough. My older boy (5yo) has been attending classes since he was about 2 years old. He has always been very shy and it did take him a few classes until he got into it. But now his confidence has grown so much that, to my surprise, he absolutely […]

Jodie Haselden

Wee make music has transformed out daughter’s world into one where rhythm and melody are ever present. The program has provided a fun and supportive environment where Rose and her classmates have learned team work and progressively their confidence with music foundations like beat and pitch.

Happy children, parents & caregivers.


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We’ve been doing this for more than 18 years. Our qualified teachers, one-of-a-kind curriculum and most significantly, our happy kids speak to the success of our music classes. You can trust you’re doing the best for your child bringing them to Wee Make Music classes.


Our expert backed, engaging curriculum

Beginning at the beginning…babies thrive from the sensory based live music environment. Then we add levels of complexity as the child grows building their musical, cognitive, social and emotional selves. Quite simply, we take beat, rhythm, movement, melody and language and learn to sing, play instruments, explore, share and create.

Wee Make Music is not a session to entertain but a class in which the child can be encouraged and enriched with outcomes both immediate and diverse transcending early childhood for lifetime musical empowerment.