Music learning is for brain development. Age appropriate, sequential and regular music learning (done right!) can enhance the child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth. We believe all children between 0-5 years deserve access. Providing educators with the tools to immerse quality music learning into day care and kindergarten classrooms is one of our passions. Furthermore we know not everyone feels confident presenting music learning. We take the fear out of this so the educators are upskilled and supported and the children receive the rich benefits.

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Here's what other parents and caregivers say about us…

Chan family

As a parent of three, Wee Make Music is on our “must-have” list for our kids’ activities. We have gone through the Family Music for babies class to Advanced Music Makers class. We found that the lessons are well structured and interactive. Our kids can explore different sounds, beats and rhythms and interact with teachers […]

Angela Steggell

I started each of my three children with Wee Make Music at six months of age.  Seven years later I am still attending weekly classes.  Wee Make Music teaches children to focus and follow instructions all within a fun, music filled environment.  2. Each age level is carefully planned to be age appropriate and every […]

Ms. Collins

Ever since we began the (Wee Make Music) program in the studios we have seen many positive benefits. Some children respond to music when they don’t respond to other activities. And usually we get a longer attention span from these same children during the music al activities than on other tasks. The group singing has […]

Happy children, parents & caregivers.


per year

We’ve been doing this for more than 18 years. Our qualified teachers, one-of-a-kind curriculum and most significantly, our happy kids speak to the success of our music classes. You can trust you’re doing the best for your child bringing them to Wee Make Music classes.