Our Beliefs & Approach

We provide an environment that allows children to learn naturally

Children naturally observe and absorb everything around them. A holistic learning environment allows each child to learn in their own way, at their own pace. Providing a positive and sensory rich learning space engages a child’s natural curiosity making them want to join in, to learn and to interact with joy and happiness.

Wee Make Music classes cater to children’s basic developmental needs of movement, exploration, sensory-motor experience and language by providing them with such exciting activities, they’ll want to take part.

Our Curriculum

Teacher playing drum with kid in music class
Daniela Bernard

I cannot recommend Wee Make Music enough. My older boy (5yo) has been attending classes since he was about 2 years old. He has always been very shy and it did take him a few classes until he got into it. But now his confidence has grown so much that, to my surprise, he absolutely loved performing with his classmates at the annual concert on stage. My youngest (2.5yo) has been part of the music classes pretty much since he was born. He initially watched his brother’s classes and once he was old enough very keenly attended his own. And both of them are still excited and look forward to their classes each week.

Our music teachers

Music Teachers With A Difference

Our teachers love what they do. With every lesson they want to inspire, encourage and nurture your child’s budding musical knowledge and appreciation.

Miss Lou

Lou is the founder and director of Wee Make Music. She has a Postgraduate Diploma of Education, over 30 years teaching early childhood and secondary and is a mum of four. She has so much passion for the role of music in developing young children not only into lifelong lovers of music but effective learners for life. Lou been teaching, learning and developing the Wee Make Music program for over 15 years.

Miss Colleen

Colleen began her love of music teaching over twenty years ago, teaching flute after completing Grade 8 in classical flute (Trinity). Colleen shares the Wee Make Music values of respect for family connection and advocates for all families to have access to arts and literacy. She has also been a mum with the Wee Make Music program and experienced first-hand the benefits in fostering a love of music whilst promoting general learning skill development.

Miss Rebecca

Rebecca is an accomplished Soprano completing her undergraduate studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. She is Opera Queensland’s 2020/2021 Young Artist of the Year and enjoying her professional life with many and varied singing engagements. She has a deep appreciation and love for music believing it to bring ‘a joy and nourishment that few other things in life can match’. She also loves the way music foster fellowship and human connection.

Miss Grace

Grace grew up in a very musical family. She loves the way music connects people of all ages and started teaching guitar, piano and vocal lessons from 12 years. She is particularly interested in how music enhances brain development and repair and is currently studying a dual degree in Business Management and Music Psychology at University of Queensland.

Miss Heidi

Heidi joins Wee Make Music this year from a back ground in musical theatre but particular interest in voice. She is currently studying a Masters in Voice at the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane and very keen to share her knowledge and experience to inspire young children to find their singing voice. She draws on her experience in drama teaching to ignite fun and whimsy into her teaching.

Mr. Rhys

Rhys Maddox is a multi-instrumentalist performer, teacher and writer. He has a Bachelor of Music from JMC Academy and will soon be studying his Masters in Composition at the conservatorium of music. Rhys is excited to be teaching at Wee make music. His recent album ‘Caligula’ received a highly commended award through QMusic and is currently scoring and contributing to the soundtrack on the feature film ‘The Edge’. Rhys loves singing, laughing and engaging with all his students and is looking forward to meeting you all.

Miss Jessica

Jess is a wonderful addition to the teaching team. She is a practicing professional singer and singing teacher and also mum to a busy 2 year old boy. Jess has extensive experience working with children of all ages and abilities, sharing her love of singing and education. Jess believes music and singing are necessities for everyday life; they make us more intelligent, connected and compassionate humans, plus it's so much fun!

Miss Isabella

Isabella brings a fresh energy to the teaching team. She is currently studying at the University of Queensland, completing a dual degree in Music and Psychology, majoring in classical trumpet. While she’s been playing a musical instrument since she was 7, she has grown to love the psychological and physiological benefits of music making. After completing her undergraduate degree, Isabella plans to undertake a master’s degree in Music Therapy.

Miss Karin

(Not currently teaching classes.)

Karin has a professional background as a Psychologist and an extensive knowledge and experience in violin. You might be lucky enough to see her play the electric violin professionally. She has a great respect for the joy and benefit music can contribute to human development. She loves working sharing the Wee Make Music program with families and has been doing so for over 9 years.

Miss Irena

(Not currently teaching classes.)

Irena is a versatile vocalist. An accomplished Soprano, also a Graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music she spends her professional time between varied singing roles in Opera Queensland performances, The Little Red Company (most recently in Christmas Actually), gigging with her guitar in Brisbane nightspots, and teaching at Wee Make Music, to name a few. The joy that music has contributed to her life shines in her teaching practice.

Miss Stephanie

(Not currently teaching classes.)

From a very young age Stephanie has been surrounded by music, has accomplished her AmusA in violin and is preparing for same in piano. She has private instrumental students and is now enjoying the challenge and fulfilment of early childhood teaching whilst also studying a Diploma of Education. Stephanie loves working with Orff instruments and ensemble development and loves to share this with her students.

The benefits of Wee Make Music classes

  • Musical activities are perfect for overall child development
  • Music immerses the child in language, rhythm and self-expression.
  • Music and movement builds confidence and fosters physical coordination.
  • Music stimulates the brain enhancing the development of memory, abstract thinking, mathematics and science
  • The musical learning process also develops listening and communication skills, concentration and teamwork
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What is going to improve for your child?

Musical knowledge and appreciation

Fine motor skill development

Following instructions


Individual and family enjoyment


Language development

Self esteem


Parent/Child bonding

Parental Support

Memory skills




Classroom etiquette


Our annual celebration concert

Every year we gather and celebrate our wee music makers. Watching each wee musician grow and become their best selves through music, is a joy for teachers, parents, caregivers and family.

We plan our concerts, which only run for 45 minutes, to be fully interactive. This means all our wee music makers – from babies, tiny tots and toddlers all the way to the kids who’ve started big school – can join in and have lots of fun.

We celebrate participation and growth over performance and every child receives a special medal as a keepsake.

While our concerts are voluntary, they’ve grown in size. Parents, caregivers and family members share with us how much the concert means to them. Because many cannot make lessons during the year this way our wee music makers can share their joy and love of music with family and friends.

Wee Make Music kids music class concert