How Early Childhood Music Classes Prepare Your Child For School

More and more I receive feedback from past parents expressing how valuable early childhood music classes are in preparation for school. Naturally, that is music to my ears (pardon the pun) but while I have always known this, communicating it to new parents is not easy.

Sound early childhood music programs are holistic learning experiences. They offer foundational level musical elements (to prepare the child for future musical pursuits) but in presenting these in an effective learning environment, provide for the general development of the baby, toddler or young child. The child learns to be an effective learner.

A comprehensive curriculum will offer intellectual, social, physical and emotional challenges promoting listening, concentration, team building skills, fine and gross motor practice, personal and social confidence, creativity, problem solving and organisational skills. This list goes on. And all this while the child is simply having fun.

Through the use of beat rhythm, melody and language in a nurturing and supportive environment, the child is encouraged to express themselves and take pride in their individual learning journey.

Prep is a big leap from pre-school programs with growing demands on young children if they are to experience some personal success early and enjoy and flourish in the structured environment of school. There is no greater tool than music to empower them as effective young learners.

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