Music for Prep

As far as activities for bubs and young children we are spoilt for choice in Brisbane. There is such a fabulous variety on offer across all parts of the city. It comes down to making choices – but how?

I would suggest considering what you want your child to achieve for themselves and then trialling some relevant activities. Then it is very important to make a commitment and partner your child to settle them in and grow with the chosen program.

A balanced program that will engage your child and allow them to have fun while learning valuable technical and life skills is a perfect place to start. Early childhood music offers all of this and more. Children are innately drawn to musical activities which, when presented as part of a well-planned curriculum in a caring and respectful classroom environment, can be a most worthwhile learning experience.

The benefits warrant an article all of their own but to name a few music aids in language development, listening and concentration skills, builds coordination – hand eye, fine and gross motor skills – develops ear for tone, pitch, beat and rhythm, develops memory and critical thinking and processing skills, builds social skills and team skills, develop self-confidence, self-expression and self-discipline.

There is an enormous amount of research online to support music as a wonderful early learning option.

Whether your child is the next Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran or more likely to sing in the shower, they will benefit in all areas of their development from early childhood music classes.

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