Why music especially singing is So valuable in early child development

Did you know babies are most responsive to sound from birth? It is the auditory processing system or our sense of hearing that is perfectly developed from birth (pending physical disabilities) so the newborn is relying on sounds and how they process them to learn about the people and environment around them. Furthermore a baby hears sound with music like characteristics. They hear pitch, rhythm, timbre and dynamics which makes the sound richer and far more interesting to them than spoken word. The more interesting the sound the longer the baby will give it their attention and the more information they process and learn.

“Babies can sing before they speak, dance before they walk”.

Singing can be so much more valuable to the baby learning to vocalise and communicate simply because they love the variation in the sound so they focus longer. At the same time the baby is much happier and learning to regulate emotions, through the feelings that music and singing evoke. Parents and carers can use music and song to enrich their baby and young child’s development, through so many simply daily tasks and routines. The greater the exposure to song and rhythmic sound the greater the child is prepared for all types of learning, numeracy, literacy, social and emotional well-being. Music as early as possible in the child’s life is key.

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