Your Child Is Watching

As parents and carers we learn very quickly that you can’t hide anything from a toddler’s attention. They don’t miss a thing! It proves that they are constantly switched on…ready to go…they are always listening.

That leaves us adults needing to be very aware of how powerful our behaviour is; specifically:

  • our own language
  • our own actions and
  • our own reactions.

And there would not be one of us who has not been caught out once / many times before.

To not be overwhelmed by this however is just to rationalise our approach to parenting. Choose behaviours, responses and make decisions within a context of values you have agreed upon as the parent/s or carer/s. And the fundamental thing … to model these behaviours with consistency and fairness, with open communication and respect. A child will learn foremost form us the parents and then their environment. We are very keen these days to claim a child responsible for their own behaviour but let’s not forget that many behaviours are not innate, they are learned and nurtured for the significant people around them.

It may be a very difficult task at times and we all know there are many and varied challenges but stick to the path and the rewards will grow with your child.

As Seen In Families Magazine

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